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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stop Looking Your Age! Rejuvenate your complexion

Are you someone who does the best to look after your appearance but
  • You find fine lines and wrinkles permanently creasing  your face?
  • Broken capillaries appearing on your cheeks and your nose?
  • Dark patches or 'Sun Spots' developing?
  • The skin on your face becoming coarser and losing its elasticity?
There is something you can do to remedy these age-related imperfections.  You can rejuvenate your complexion, without resorting to surgery or injections, taking several years off your appearance.  Who wants to look their age anyway?

Before Limelight Photofacial treatments.

Two weeks after one Limelight Photofacial treatment.

Photorejuvenation is a procedure that uses light energy to eliminate the little surface veins and capillaries, fade patches of darkened pigmentation and tighten skin. The result is a smooth, healthy complexion which looks ten years younger- within days!

For a complete solution to concerns such as pigmentation, rosacea, sun damage and acne scarring, Viva Wellness clinics use state of the art Cutera IPL-Laser technology.
Further information is available on the Skin Rejuvenation page of the Viva Wellness website. 

There you have it. Tell us about your problem and we will show you the best way to tackle it.  

Ring for an appointment now on 
07 3350 3669 or 07 3878 2255 because you want a healthy, glowing complexion that will keep people guessing about your age. 

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