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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Botox Addicts Turn to Needling

At last. A natural, longer lasting alternative to injecting toxins into your face.

The latest procedure to hit beauty clinics is called Skin Needling or Dermal Rolling.  The procedure is said to give a natural face lift, rather than the frozen expressions of surprise and the 'Donald Duck' look sometimes seen in celebrities in their quest to retain their youthful looks.

‘It sounds like an implement of torture, but a spiky roller is thought to be the secret to Angelina Jolie's plump, glowing skin’, writes MarieClaire.com.uk in August 2009.  It is reported that celebrities such as Angelina and Brad regularly get a skin needling facial to increase skin firmness, build collagen and elastin and reduce scars and stretch marks.

Hundreds of tiny needles puncture the skin as a hand-held device is rolled over the face.  The microscopic trauma stimulates production of collagen and elastin, the proteins that allow young skin to spring back to shape.  The new therapy is designed to produce a natural rejuvenation, doing away with the need to inject toxins or fillers into the face.
Patients report little sensation during the procedure due to prior numbing with a topical anaesthetic.  Immediately afterward the skin may appear pink and puffy, like a mild sunburn.  However there is no down-time with this non-invasive therapy.

The procedure has further applications.  Patients are seeing excellent results with old scars and stretch marks.

So does it work? 
 Yes! Within six weeks of the clinic procedure patients report an improvement in elasticity of the skin, a more even-toned complexion and a reduction in acne scarring and wrinkles.  The skin takes on a radiance and what can only be described as a bounce.

A course of 3 or more treatments at 6-8 week intervals is usually recommended for the face. Continual improvements will be observed for up to one year after treatment.

Can I do it in the privacy of my own home? 
Home use rollers are available to aid the penetration of the epidermis of active serums such as Aspect Extreme C from Advanced Skin Technology. However the needles on these rollers are not designed to extend beyond the epidermis, therefore you cannot expect to see such dramatic results.

Rollers used in the clinic have longer needles which penetrate deeper into the dermal layer of the skin. It is important that this procedure is carried out under sterile conditions. 

Want to know more? Check the website for more info Check further details here. Post your questions below or ring Viva Wellness in Chemside on 07 3350 3669 or at Indooroopilly on 07 3878 2255. 

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